Shandaken Schedule

Shandaken Schedule

Soccer Practice CANCELLED for April 22nd


Alas, heavy rain is moving in this afternoon so soccer practice today Wednesday April 22nd is cancelled at Emerson Field in Mt Tremper & The Comeau in Woodstock.

Spring Soccer 2015

How to apply to join AYSO Region 732 for second half of the 2014-15 season

New player applications for the 2014/2015 Soccer Season will be accepted, February 1st – March 31st ,for boys and girls ages 4 – 11 yrs old. AYSO Region 732 now offers soccer with Shandaken Soccer Club, as well as Woodstock Soccer Club.

Players already registered for the 2014/15 soccer season, only need to sign-up for spring soccer by clicking signup for other program in their child’s player record at, and then select spring 2015. There are no fees for players returning from the fall 2014 program.

The Spring League program is from April 8th to June 27th, 2015, with practices on Wednesdays from 5:00pm-6:30pm & Saturdays from 10:00am-11:30am. From April 25th games are scheduled on Saturday mornings for U-8, U-10 and U-12. Saturday’s from April 25th continue for U-5 & U-6 practice.

All registered players receive a uniform that is to be worn the entire season.

Registration applications are first come first served basis. The demand is now greater than our capacity, so you are advised to complete the application process early to avoid disappointment.

AYSO Region 732 is an all-volunteer organization, parents/guardians are expected to take an active part in their child’s soccer experience. Please ask what you can do to help! All applications are subject to confirmation based on sufficient registered, trained parent volunteers.

Age Groups: (All players are assigned to a team based on their age not their experience or ability.) Player age as of July 31st, 2014 determines what division a child will play in.

U-5: Open to all children born between 8/1/09 and 7/31/10. Available in Woodstock only.

U-6: Open to all children born between 8/1/08 and 7/31/09.

U-8: Open to all children born between 8/1/06 and 7/31/08.

U-10: Open to all children born between 8/1/04 and 7/31/06.

U-12: Open to all children born between 8/1/02 and 7/31/04.

U-14: Open to all children born between 8/1/00 and 7/31/02. Please enquire *protected email*

Registration Age Guide 2014:15

Please inquire: *protected email*

Registration Fees:

(Sibling Discount – take off $10 for each additional family member registered.)

$60 (registration fee for U-5 & U-6 players throughout the season)

$60 for U-8/U-10/U-12.

Click the button above and follow these (relatively) easy instructions.

Select the option that applies to you “New to AYSO” (if it’s your first time registering on eAYSO, or “Login E-mail” (if you’ve already established a user ID).

Follow the instructions to register your child or children. You must select the location your child will play in from the drop down menu on the player application page “Locations”. Select Shandaken to play on a Shandaken based team, select Woodstock to play on a Woodstock based team.

When you’re finished filling out the forms, print out two copies of each form, sign and date them and mail them to AYSO 732, PO Box 732, Woodstock, NY 12498, along with your check made payable to AYSO 732 and a filled in Uniform Order. New players must also include a copy of their birth certificate.

AYSO Thank You Project

AYSO Region 732 Board Meetings

AYSO was founded on community involvement. Volunteer staff members are encouraged to organize in ways best suited to their needs. The foundation of AYSO is the “Region,” or basic community program. Each Region is headed by a Regional Commissioner who, with the help of a Region Board, conducts business within the framework of AYSO’s philosophies, Rules & Regulations and Bylaws. Depending on its stage of development, a Region may have as few as 200 players or as many as 5,000, grouped into boys and girls divisions based on age.

Here in AYSO Region 732, we organize soccer for close to 200 local children. Once a month Aug-Nov and Mar-June we hold monthly board meetings, alternating between Woodstock and Mt Tremper. We like an even balance of parents from our Woodstock & Shandaken soccer clubs. Our board meetings are open to parents, and we are always looking for volunteers to join the board or take on one of the non-coaching or referee roles. It’s what makes AYSO tick.

Our next board meeting is at Boiceville Inn , Rt 28 Boiceville 7.30pm-9.30pm Monday February 16th. Why not pop along and see what’s involved.

Credit Cards Now Accepted on eAYSO

eAYSO now has the capability to accept credit card payments for player fees when submitting a player application for AYSO Region 732.

Just select the credit card payment option. You can also print a receipt for the payment. As we are now accepting e-sign, you only need print one copy of the application form and mail it in to AYSO 732, PO Box 902, Woodstock, NY 12498


2014/15 Soccer Registration is open


Oh Snap! AYSO is on Instagram

Oh Snap! AYSO is on Instagram

Did you know AYSO is on Instagram? Find us at @AYSO_Soccer! Or, view our Instagram profile online at

For all you instagramers, be sure to include #AYSO in your soccer pictures and if you’d like your picture to be featured on the AYSO account, send it to *protected email*


Region 732 Board

Volunteer Leaders Help Create A Great AYSO Experience

Each AYSO Region is led by a Region Board who help with strategy and implementation of creating a great soccer program for children. There are seven required board positions in every Region, but the board can include others to help with the process. If you are interested in serving in these important volunteer positions, step forward and speak with your Regional Commissioner today!

The AYSO Region 732 board meets once a month. These meetings are open to parents and volunteers. Region boards are recreated each season, some board members apply to return to the board but any parent can apply for a position. We are currently seeking a secretary to help organize the boards meetings and take minutes.

For more info about Region 732′s board e-mail -

*protected email*

or check out the AYSO site for more general information about AYSO region boards.

Announcing AYSO’s Safe Haven for Parents

Announcing AYSO’s Safe Haven for Parents                  

AYSO is happy to announce AYSO’s Safe Haven for Parents.

This abbreviated version of AYSO’s Safe Haven was created in response to requests from Regions and to support AYSO’s goal of partnering with parents to help keep players safe.

Find out more about AYSO’s Safe Haven for Parents. This parent version was designed to inform parents of AYSO’s philosophies, Kids Zone and even allows parents to take the Parent Pledge.

This course does not require login information.

The module is designed to give parents more information on Safe Haven – volunteers wishing to complete Safe Haven training must visit and take the training course and certification test.